Friday, February 1, 2008

Alex Ovechkin is the second coming

The Washington Capitals left winger scored four goals and an assist in the Caps OT victory over the visiting Montreal Canadiens last night. I was one of lucky people in attendance who got to watch AO sustain a broken nose, get stitches in his cheek (inside), and suffer a bloody lip - all while racking up the points.

AO now leads the NHL in goals, points, power play goals, and shots. He is 21st in the league in plus-minus, 5th among forwards in hits, and 9th in take-aways. Talk about earning his salary! And the NHL just named him the #1 star for January, 2008.

We are so lucky to have this guy on our team. Sigh. All the years of suckage are finally paying off.

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Mark said...

H-U-S-K Husks Husks more! It was fun to be your "hockey husband" and witness this one. He is a singular talent.