Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fiona's birthday party!

This afternoon, we had a "you're ONE!" birthday party for Fiona at Bertucci's in Herndon. Nearly 30 people came, and it was a great way to celebrate Fiona's one-year mark - we thank everyone for coming!

The party wasn't too "baby-focused." Food, drinks, a few balloons, cake, and a "pin the food into the Very Hungry Caterpillar's mouth" game. I brought some noisemakers and a HUGE bag of pipe cleaners, placing some on every table. In hindsight, I should have hosted a pipe cleaner building contest, because people went crazy with them. Craig, especially. He is a master pipe cleaner artist (who knew?!?).

When you look at the cake picture, notice the fingers creeping in from below... many thanks to Aunt Donna for feeding the birthday girl! Fiona was thrilled!

The picture of Fi in the white chair was taken back at home, as she worked off her sugar high. She crashed HARD!


gwadzilla said...

we hosted our younger son's birthday party a few days late at Hains Point today!

Kurt said...

And fun was had by all. Good time that party. Wishing Fiona all the best the world has to offer.