Tuesday, March 2, 2010

And did I mention?

One reason I have been too busy to blog is that I am in a Master's program at GMU to get a degree in secondary education. In English! Teaching writing, reading, literature - you name it! Classes started in January, and I am in heaven... despite the copious amounts of work. And I do mean copious. Enjoyable, but copious!

I have never taken Master's-level classes before, and have thus far noticed two distinct differences. First, every single person in each class is SO plugged in, literally hanging on the professor's every word. In undergrad, not everyone in your classes was totally "into" the topic, so to speak. Even business majors had to take English, right? But now, it is radically different (read: awesome and inspiring). And fun! And relevant!

The second big difference is that the professors seem to treat you differently at this level. You're not just a young punk trying to get a degree. You're often working, raising a family, AND going to school. So not to say they let some things slide, but they let you make your own decisions. Kinda radical!

Man, do I stink!

Not from body odor. At blogging! I think FB has ruined me. Following is a picture of my three peeps on Fiona's third birthday (2/13). Aren't they cute as the dickens??