Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Becoming another statistic (?)

Yesterday morning, after a fever-filled weekend with her hightest temp reaching 104, I took Rory to the doctor where she was diagnosed with influenza type A, which includes swine flu. As such, as are all now being treated as though we *have* swine flu. Rory is home all week - even if she is fever-free for 48 hours - because the thing about SF is that they don't know how long it is contagious. Good thing I became a different kind of statistic last week and got laid off, eh?

We are all currently slaves to Tamiflu, which ain't cheap, in case you're wondering. $200 to medicate the four of us, thank you for playing. And that's WITH the co-pay.

So Rory and I are hanging out at home, playing a lot of Hi-Ho Cherry-O, Candyland, and Chutes & Ladders, in between bouts of television, reading, and other toys. Her super-high fevers seem to be in the past, which is thankful. I hate watching my kids suffer through high fevers.

She is much more like her normal self today, and I would imagine tomorrow will be even better. Even still, we will be banned from entering the public sector. I am sure this makes me a very bad person, but I have to admit that we cheated this am. We went to Target to buy a few games, but don't worry - I didn't let her touch anything and I hosed off the cart once we were done.

Cabin fever!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

On becoming a statistic

It actually feels quite peaceful thus far!

Yesterday, I was laid off. It wasn't traumatic (except for the one-week severance "package"), and it wasn't even sad. It was more along the lines of, "Oh. OK. See ya!" As the HR woman gave me her schpeil, I started envisioning being with the girls next to the pool we just joined - sunning and playing and frolicking. Summer is NOT a bad time to be laid off, methinks.

I spent the morning sponging free WiFi from my local Panera, sipping their dark roast and updating my LinkedIn page, submitting my info to Booz-Allen, and updating my resume. I was supposed to have a call with a local IT recruiter at 2:30, but I got her voicemail. In the meantime, my now-former company is likely to bring me back as a consultant to finish two short-term projects I was overseeing, so that would be helpful.

I have already learned something critical - if I expect to get work done and be productive, I need to go back to Panera. Being at home means one of two things: cats demanding love, or things demanding to be cleaned up.