Wednesday, June 17, 2009

On becoming a statistic

It actually feels quite peaceful thus far!

Yesterday, I was laid off. It wasn't traumatic (except for the one-week severance "package"), and it wasn't even sad. It was more along the lines of, "Oh. OK. See ya!" As the HR woman gave me her schpeil, I started envisioning being with the girls next to the pool we just joined - sunning and playing and frolicking. Summer is NOT a bad time to be laid off, methinks.

I spent the morning sponging free WiFi from my local Panera, sipping their dark roast and updating my LinkedIn page, submitting my info to Booz-Allen, and updating my resume. I was supposed to have a call with a local IT recruiter at 2:30, but I got her voicemail. In the meantime, my now-former company is likely to bring me back as a consultant to finish two short-term projects I was overseeing, so that would be helpful.

I have already learned something critical - if I expect to get work done and be productive, I need to go back to Panera. Being at home means one of two things: cats demanding love, or things demanding to be cleaned up.


essaywriter said...

Oh, dear. Sorry to hear it. Sounds like you have a positive attitude, though! I know what you mean about Panera -- when you're home in the daytime, all the dirt looks bigger and demands to be cleaned up.

fasteddy said...

DAMMIT!! Uuugh.. Remember everything happens for a reason.... Screw what they say, sometimes the grass IS greener on the other side.. (Especially when they prod you with an electric pole through the gate!) In the same context, make sure you 'milk' them for what they've got!

Cheers and I'll be thinkin' 'bout cha!

Stefanie said...


Sorry to hear about the job. Makes you more available to come and visit us. Selfish me!
Good luck to you in your future endeavors- you always land on your feet!
Can't wait to see you and the girls. Come down now.