Friday, February 22, 2008

Welcome, Nana!

Much to the joy of the wee ones, Nana (aka, Craig's mom) arrived yesterday for a nice, long visit. Rory went crazy when Nana, Craig, and I picked her up at daycare. She immediately grabbed Nana's hand, dragged her through the daycare center, and headed into Fiona's room to gather up her belongings so we could hit the road. Such excitement!

The thrills didn't end there. Oh, no! The five of us headed to Wegman's to do a bit of "pre-storm" food shopping. Bread! Milk! Toilet paper! Of the requisite D.C. storm items, we only bought milk - unless you count English muffins as bread (bread-esque?).

I am now at work, and the four Mayhews are holding down the fort. Tonight, I am going out to dinner with some friends, and tomorrow night Craig and I are going to see Robbie Schaefer (of EFO fame) perform a solo show in Herndon (of all places!).

I like having a grandparent here to babysit! => Nana rocks!

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