Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Roger update

So Miss Fiona and I could not have picked a better weekend to visit my mom and Roger in Sedona. He is slowly (yet quickly) going about the process of leaving us, and nothing could have made my mother (and possibly Rog) happier than having us visit. Baby therapy at its finest. You can't deny the circle of life when you experience both ends firsthand in your own home.

Roger decided last Wednesday (2/6) that he didn't want to eat any more, which basically meant that he had accepted his impending death and didn't want to bother with food. He had only been eating pureed veggies and fruit, as it was, but was (and is) still drinking water. He isn't taking any medication for pain because he isn't IN any pain. He is tired, and slept most of the time we were there (Friday through Sunday). We had a few short conversations (he told me to vote for Obama), and he was amazingly lucid and kind, considering his situation. A few people came to visit, and when he noticed them (at that point, he was only awake for maybe ten minutes a day) he greeted them.

It was very hard to leave on Sunday, knowing we will never see Roger alive again. He is such a great, smart, funny, friendly person, and he will certainly be missed.

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