Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hains Point, Hippos at the Zoo, Pooping, and Mooing!

Today was a big day! Besides the fact that it was nearly 70 degrees and sunny.

First, it is President's Day. Happy birthday to all our dead Presidents! We celebrated by going to Hains Point in D.C., to visit the soon-to-be-dug-up sculpture, "The Awakening." The piece is moving to Prince George's County soon, and we wanted to go see it one more time before its grand unearthing.

Rory was terrified of the giant's hand, and ran away crying. She was much happier visiting with the ducks on the Potomac, and watching the airplanes taking off and landing at National Airport. Fiona and I enjoyed the sculpture, and loved watched kids slide down the Giant's knee, cling to his fingers, and hang from his toes. It was the perfect day to bid this fantastic sculpture a fond adieu.

Next we headed to the National Zoo. This was Craig's brainchild, and we decided it was high time Miss Rory saw a hippo in the flesh. As important as Big Appa (her stuffed hippo) is in her daily existence, she has never laid eyes on one.

We saw three of the sweet beasts (two pygmy and one full-size), and Rory was awestruck. We also got to see elephants, an emu, a sleeping cheetah, and a few zebra. We weren't there for too long (parked at a two-hour meter), but it was an awesome experience. Brought a tear to the eye - THAT'S how important hippos are to Rory!

Right before Rory's bath that night, I put her on the potty chair, and she pooped! We made a big deal out of it, gave her a few stickers, and left it where it was so she could keep coming back and checking it out. "I pooped in the toilet!" she kept saying. I took a picture, but won't post it. Promise!

And did I mention that Fiona can now moo and make an elephant noise??

What a day!!


Captoe said...

The peanut gallery demands a podcast with elephant-noises.

Don't make me start 'the wave'.

gwadzilla said...

I got to hains point to celebrate the day with my family as well

fantastic day

until the rain

luckily we were already in the car before the clouds unleashed their furry

at times it takes the removal to really heighten our appreciation