Sunday, February 24, 2008

Love that Robbie Schaefer!

Last night, Craig and I had the joy of seeing Eddie from Ohio guitarist/vocalist Robbie Schaefer perform a small, acoustic concert in Herndon, at the Industrial Strength Theater. Located four miles from our house, it took roughly 45 minutes for us to find the place. It is buried in a business park, on the back side, and we almost gave up and went home.

Thank the stars we didn't. This show was like "Inside the Actor's Studio" for music, and it featured no host. All Robbie, all the time. He played a bunch of new music, took requests from the crowd of 90, sang "Gravity" for what he claimed was the first time ever (Julie Murphy Wells typically sings it), and took questions about his musical career.

The show started at 8:00, and was slated to end at 9:00. Robbie finally stopped playing/talking/answering at 10:15, and neither the audience (or Robbie) wanted it to end. He played his cherished guitar, Lucille, which he never uses for concerts - only for songwriting and recording. Lucille doesn't get out much. => His mom and sister were there, his math teacher was there, and it really felt as though we were in his living room. It was an awesome, rare experience.

Lucky, lucky us.

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