Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My favorite spam email titles from last week

We have been getting a prolific amount of spam at work recently. I don't know who beat our spam filters to death, but I'll bet Sybase (parent company) has something to do with it.

Anyway, everyone here at Sybase 365 (subsidiary) has been getting oodles of spam. I am talking 200-a-day oodles. More spam than work email.

Typically, as you know, spam is meant to be alluring to its recipient with the hope that a stupid person will click through and buy something (bigger boobs, more active sex life, you name it). I don't know a single living human who has ever acted upon a spam message, but someone *somewhere* must be doing it, or the fools who send spam wouldn't send so darn much of it.

Following are my five favorite spam Subject lines from last week. Keep in mind, again, that these titles are meant to tantalize you into clicking.

1. They plump when you take 'em

2. The quicker pecker upper

(and here is where it all falls apart)

3. Wheelchair necklace

4. Table Staircase Apple Torpedo

(and my favorite)

5. Kitchen Milk Fungus Clown

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