Thursday, January 17, 2008


We had our first measurable snowfall today! Finally. While the girls were at daycare (and I was at work), Craig went out and had a little fun in the show. He made a snow family and a hippo. They were too cute! Sadly, it started to rain by 5:00, and the family fell apart at the seams. The hippo lived on, and Rory has enjoyed petting him on the head. "Hello, snow hippo!"

Sadly, the snow turned useless by nightfall as a heavy rain pelted it into submission. We want more snow! Well, *I* want more snow - Craig would be inclined to disagree. Anything that messes up his bike schedule is pure, unadulterated evil as far as he is concerned. Though take one look at his snow creations, and you'll see that he enjoyed himself immensely. Making these snow creatures was certainly more fun that when he carved "Welcome, Fiona" into the ice the week she was born. Anyone who wants to see a picture of that (it was incredible) should send me email. Our neighbors enjoyed it, that's for sure!!

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