Monday, January 14, 2008

Fiona is 11 months old!

One month away from ONE! It seems amazing to us. Fiona is crawling so fast now that it almost seems like running on hands and knees. She cruises like mad, free-stands for long periods without falling over, and is eating more and more "real" (aka, non-jarred yuckiness) food.

Rory started walking just shy of one, so we have been kind of viewing these next few weeks as the final non-walking ones for Fiona. Just watch her foil us and wait a few more months to walk - sneaky baby! She had better not - my back can't take hauling her around much longer! 27 pounds of love, all packed into one cute, squishy body. I palpate her constantly (an admission I regularly make).

Enjoy these recent pictures of sweet Fiona. The one of her with the hoodie on is just hilarious. Nice pointy pink cap! The other pic was taken at the house of our good friends, the McCrea's (Sheila, Chip, and Ethan, who is Rory's age - they are fabulous pals).

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