Saturday, January 26, 2008

Rory is officially 2.5 years old!

And because she SO loves the ceremony of birthdays, we bought her a "happy birthday cake," complete with 2.5 candles (I hacked one in half using scissors) and singing. She didn't eat the cake, of course, as is her norm (whose child is she, if she isn't a sugar freak?). We had a ball.

At 2.5, Rory sings constantly, loves to have books read to her, enjoys watching "Miss Spider," "Finding Nemo," and "SpongeBob" on TV (30 minutes after dinner), coloring, playing with Lego, going to the playground, Play-Doh, and puzzles. Typical kid fare! She is very, very verbal. Very. Tremendously. We rarely fail to understand her, which is super handy and makes her a very pleasant child to hang with. The other day, on the way back from the supermarket, I was getting her out of her car seat. She looked up at me and said, "Mommy, I'm happy."

Brings a tear to the eye, I tell you. =)

Did I mention that Fiona ate a bite of cake? Happily!

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