Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Neat food tracking site

In the spirit of the new year, and of all that resolution-making madness, I have decided to track what I eat. Just to see if it works. I signed up for a weekly diet-oriented email, and the early January post talked about a new, cool food tracking site called Figwee. Registration is currently free, though at some point down the road they may charge a $10 monthly fee (which sounds cheap to me, if this method is helpful).

You can enter a target number of calories to eat a day, and then add foods as you eat them. But you're not just adding foods, you add pictures - pictures that you can change based on the amount of a certain item you have consumed. So if you had grilled chicken but aren't exactly sure how much, you choose chicken, then use a slider to determine how much you ate. The number of calories, fat, etc. changes as you increase/decrease the portion.

It is very cool, and I have found it tremendously helpful. I chose 1800 calories, and have been under that most days - without feeling full. That is scary, a bit, because it makes me realize how much food I was eating before AND it makes you realize how little food you actually need to live! Good to know!

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