Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rory's quotes from the Thanksgiving holiday

We just got back last night - sorry about the lack of posting (to my three regular readers ;->). Hope everyone had a great holiday week!

OK, so Rory's two insane quotes from the trip to CT:

"My pull-up is a poop hammock."

And my personal favorite, and the one which will go down in family lore:

"Mommy, you have a gigantic bum!" (Spoken in a bathroom stall, as she gently and lovingly patted said bum while it was nekkid and using the loo). I howled with laughter, as did the other people in the bathroom. How amusing! (Or maybe not! ;->)


essaywriter said...

Bwahaha! "poop hammock?" where in the world did she get that? And if you are going to make a comment like that about someone's bum, it's good to pat it lovingly at the same time. That is one smart kid, sure to be a source of entertainment always...

Jeannie said...

i am laughing out loud!!! i honestly dont know which one was funnier! RORY!!!