Wednesday, December 3, 2008

On using mobile phones in the loo

Can someone please tell me WHY people talk on their mobile phones while using the bathroom?

I used to consider the bathroom to be the last bastion of the mobile-free world... the one place in which people wouldn't use their phones. But just now, at work, someone was in there chatting away.

Weird stuff. And annoying. It's bad enough that we have to hear people's one-sided conversations every other place we go. Talking while peeing = not cool.


Kand3Js said...

Ha! I wrote an almost identical blog entry a few months ago. :-) Great minds...

fasteddy said...

Oh.. Let me tell you about my adventure with someone chatting in the loo..

We were traveling up to PA to visit family and we stopped at a Sheetz (like a 7-11 convenience store) like we always do and I went into the bathroom. There were two guys one hit the bathroom stall before the other and there was only one urinal and one stall. The guy that didn't make the stall in time made a comment about not 'stealing the stall' in time and that he would have to wait.

While I stepped up to the urinal to complete my business, the guys friend said that he was going to wait outside as his friend 'dropped a load off'.

This comment didn't deter me as I had some unfinished business of my own to accomplish. What did strike my ear was whenever the guy in the toilet started talking out of the blue. Yes, OMG, Yes, he was talking to someone on the phone while he was taking a dump!

I didn't know that he was taking a dump as a fact until he said this to whomever he was talking to on the phone! Shocked…., amazed at this point, I continued to process my 'job' at the urinal whenever the guy in the stall proceeded to say, "Well, hold on... i have to wipe" WTF! Seriously!! Did he just say to the person on the phone that he has to wipe!! OMG!! But wait, it gets better, then he said something about how they were going to be there in 2 hours and that his friend was going to get 'sloppy seconds' on the toilet... WTF?!

At this point, I flushed the urinal, you know.... to signal that "HEY! There is someone else in the bathroom DUMBASS!" but he kept on talking...

I couldn't believe it... Whenever I read your blog entry, I wasn't sure if I should just laugh it off, or share my story.. But I knew that I just needed to share..

So, the moral of my story is this...

LEAVE YOUR PHONE OUTSIDE OF THE LOO!!! It's the last place where we can have a little bit of privacy!!