Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I hate UPS

Maybe "hate" is too strong a word, but I cannot remember the last time I sent something via UPS that actually arrived within their stated shipping timeframe. Every single thing I have ever ordered or shipped using them has been late - irrespective of whether it is holiday time or not.

The latest victim is my mother's birthday present - ordered on 12/15 for her 12/20 birthday - still hasn't arrived in Sedona. The tracking number provides me this tidbit of info: "rescheduled for delivery." The Website goes on to say that due to holiday shipments, the package will be late. Glad I paid the extra cost for earlier delivery (which I specifically did because I don't TRUST THEM).

Grrr. And today my mother leaves for Christmas in Vegas, which means the package will certainly be delivered today and will then sit on her porch (hopefully unstolen) for three days until she returns.

Long live FedEx! I have never doubted a FedEx delivery, nor has one ever let me down. Yes, they can be more expensive, but obviously there is a reason for that. Reliability.

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