Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cool kid "I spy" toys on

About a year ago I discovered Etsy, and I love it! Our good friend, Christina, has a PaperZest site on Etsy where she sells her custom, "anything but ordinary stationary," for starters.

Etsy is a
community of artisans who hand-make everything they sell: jewelry, toys, clothing, purses, ceramics, soap, music, housewares - and the list goes on.

Recently I found these totally cool baby/toddler toys.

They are fuzzy blankets filled with clear beads AND things you need to move around and find (aka, move them inot view in the clear section of the blanket. You can customize what the artist puts into each blanket, which is great. She can add your kid's name in individual letters, sports stuff, bugs, shapes - whatever your child is interested in. I just ordered two, and can't wait to give them to the girls.

So I thought I'd share. Enjoy Etsy! Just in time for the holidays. =>

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