Tuesday, December 30, 2008

NHL All-Star voting

The time is now! Three Washington Capitals players - Alexander Ovechkin (league MVP), Alexander Semin (yes, that is his name), and Mike Green - are on the 2009 All-Star ballot.

Please vote today - and vote often!

Here is a link to a perplexing article about how the NHL's marketing people virtually ignore Ovechkin - despite his reigning MVP status, and despite the records he continues to shatter - in favor of Sidney Crosby... which is starting to make the league look really stupid, not to mention short-sighted. *sigh*

And a classic quote from my hockey husband, Mark: "It reminds me of the way the Original Six are Gods and the rest of us can suck hind teat on a south bound mule."

SO VOTE NOW! Please! And feel free to vote more than once. =>

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