Sunday, December 28, 2008

Big weekend for Rory!

Her first haircut (finally!), AND a she moved up to a twin bed - such changes!

I finally decided that her shaggy locks had to be trimmed. Her first haircut, at nearly 3.5 years of age. So off to Cartoon Cuts we went, which is a bit of a scam in that kids sit glazed in front of Nickelodeon like zombies, and a kind man named My cut her yellow hair. The scam works, and I had worried that Rory would be nervous about getting her hair done, and I knew the TV would "refocus" her, so to speak. She handled the entire process like a champ, and even seemed to enjoy it. So next time, I will find another locale. One that doesn't cost nineteen bucks.

Not much was cut off, but My straightened it out a bit and sheared off the raggy stuff at the bottom. It isn't worth posting before and after shots, because it doesn't look all that different, but here is are a few pictures of her in the chair. He even gave me some of her yellow curls as a keepsake.

And the bed! Craig is putting together her fun, new Ikea bed as we type! More on that later.

And one day, I will post some Christmas shots. Maybe in time for New Year's. =>

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Kathlyn said...

That's the same guy who gave Anthony his first haircut!!!! How crazy is that?