Thursday, September 25, 2008

Zamboni drooled on me

The she-cat, not the actual machine. She was super lovey dovey the other night, and I was rubbing her to bits up on top of one of our cat towers. Her sweet little eyes were clamped closed, her raspy little purr was rattling her entire tiny body, and she was leaning into me like a dog leans into your leg.

She is so sweet and loving, our little Z-cat. And then came the drool, right down my left hand. It was awesome! The last cat I had who was a drooler was Sneakers, and he (like Digit) is ranked in the "top cats of all time" list. So for Z to drool was just fantastic. I was so flattered!

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Mindy Klasky said...

Our Poppy drools like a mad drooling thing. I keep my Nats rally towel by my desk, to mop up her drool!