Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dolly the Golden Retriever

My dad used to have the world's most wonderful Golden, named Dolly (my father claimed an affinity for Ms. Parton). Dolly was a richly red Golden who lived for about 14 years, and in the meantime, she had a wonderful life. She was sweet, silly, used to pick fights with my father (during which she would "needle bite" him, which only dog owners can understand), and we even have a picture of Dolly wearing a black bra (I'd post the pic if I could find it - my father strongly resembles an axe murderer in the shot). Dolly was the third child (predating my brother, Patrick), and we still speak of her very fondly.

Whenever we would board Dolly, such as when we went skiing for a weekend, she would inevitably pee all over the waiting room floor when we came to pick her up. Every time. It was too much excitement to bear, apparently. Leaping and peeing, she couldn't greet us fast enough, couldn't get close enough. And of course we couldn't get farther away from her, what with pee flying everywhere. Oy!

FF to Rory. In her first two days at her new daycare, she has had NO peeing accidents. But both days, within 30 minutes of picking her up, she randomly pees in her pants. On Monday, after we went to Fiona's daycare to fetch her, Rory peed on Fiona's playground (marking her territory?). Today, it was on the grass outside Fiona's daycare. Good thing I had a spare set of undergarments both times. Lordy!

So is Rory my new Dolly? At least she isn't leaping while she pees...

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Captoe said...

[carol channing voice]

Hello Rory!, well, hello Rory! it's so nice to see you pee there on the ground.

[/ carol channing voice]