Sunday, September 7, 2008

Survived Tropical Storm Hanna!

Not that this is newsworthy, per se, but Hanna certainly impacted the Saturday of everyone living in the mid-Atlantic. That was a ton of rain, but compared to the windstorm we had a few months back - during which tons of trees were downed in Herndon - this was nothing but a big blow. Thankfully. Who doesn't like electricity?? I know I do, and I'd like it to be on as much as possible.

We spent the day mostly indoors, though Rory and I raced to Target in the am (for Ariel underwear!), and then - while the kids napped and Craig stood guard with his faithful steed (Digit) at his side - I drove to pick up Rory's 3-year photos, which turned out really well.

If I haven't said this before, I adore our photographer, Hope Reynolds. She did our wedding, has done our family photos for the past three years, and does the girls' annual portraits. She is great, and does both print and digital. In a day where most people want digital, she uses her medium format camera, and the quality difference is astonishing.

On Monday, Rory starts at her new daycare (potty training bootcamp!), and Fiona returns to her quasi-new daycare. Hope Monday night isn't filled with crank monsters!

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