Sunday, September 21, 2008

Plagueland USA

Rory has been extremely ill since last Wednesday. At noon that day, we went to her three-year checkup - which we have been very excited about (we love her doctor) - and she was out of sorts. Nothing specific, just malaise-laden. I told the doctor I thought something was off, and she said her throat seemed red, but her ears were clear.

That afternoon, post-nap, her temp was 104.3. So I called the doctor, and gave her some Motrin (which you can use at off times with Tylenol). She had a few hurling incidents that night and the next am (we changed four sets of sheets in 1.5 hours), and then that feature stopped. But the fevers didn't.

This morning, on day FIVE, she woke up on fire yet again. I took her temp (down south), and it was 104.5. I retook it, and it clocked 104.6. Craig was off riding the Potomac Pedalers century, so I called a friend, dropped off Fiona, and took Rory to the urgent care facility in Reston. They also took her temp at 104.6.

They swabbed her throat (which she HATED - she kept sobbing, "that was terrible!" while whimpering in my arms), and said the quick test for strep was negative. They will also send it out for a real culture, but they said her throat looked "puss-ey" and she had a mild ear infection in her right ear, so now she is on amoxicillin.

She can't get well fast enough. She has been miserable, and so have the rest of us. When she is feverish, she doesn't want Fiona anywhere near her (good luck preventing *that*), she doesn't want to be touched, and she is incredibly whiny and weepy. There have been brief flashes of her normal self during each day, but not so much. Luckily, she is drinking like a fish, so at least she is extremely hydrated.

Seriously, this can't pass fast enough - for all of us.

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