Wednesday, September 10, 2008

If you can help, please do...

The fiancee (Jen) of one of my coworkers (Joe) was brutally attacked by two homeless people in Chicago on 8/25, while the couple was on their way home from celebrating Jen's 36th birthday. The attackers kicked Jen in the head until she was left unconscious in a pool of her own blood, and was left with only four teeth remaining in her head.

Jen is in between health insurance right now - new job (no coverage yet) and a few months away from marrying Joe. As such, she needs any and all donations you can give. Please check out the following site, and if you can do anything, I know they would appreciate it for the rest of their lives.

Also, please forward this to as many people as you can. The Chicago Tribune story about the attack is here.

Thank you!

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