Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shameful confession time

Long have I eschewed the crapulence that is reality television. It started back in my days at Roku; I remember being in my "office under the spiral stairs" (directly off the kitchen), listening to people freaking OUT about the inaugural Survivor. Who knew fake, contrived TV would be so popular!

Because I sing, many people have recommended American Idol to me, but I just can't get past the mocking stage, plus I don't care for the show's hosts. Plus, I have a brain, and I'd rather watch
just about anything (except a different reality TV show). It's just not my bag.

But I can't stop watching "Ice Road Truckers." I just can't. I have dragged Craig down with me, though not exactly kicking and screaming. In case you don't know about this show, it is in its second season and features a fascinating cast of men who drive long-haul trucks on frozen bodies of water in the dead of winter. "Dead" as in -42 degrees Faranheit. That's pretty darn dead.

They are crusty, they cuss incessantly (lots of bleeping), and truly, what they do is insane. It is always cold, they often drag loads that are heavy enough to cause them to plummet into the icy depths, and they leave their families for months on end.

And I can't stop watching.


Captoe said...

We are still a TV free household, so, I'm uninformed, but is "The Deadliest Catch" categorized as "reality TV"??


essaywriter said...

Yes and some of us like to watch "Dog the Bounty Hunter." Talk about your shameful confessions! Thank goodness they took that thing off TV otherwise I'd still be watching it... oy

fasteddy said...

You should probably try Axe Men as well...another one of those kind of reality shows. (deadliest catch is a good one too, you're right Captoe!!!)


Jeannie said...

you sing? that is something i never knew about you! :)