Friday, June 13, 2008

Fiona is 16 months old!

Fiona is 16 months old, and she is really coming into herself. She is funny, sassy (she likes to hit - we're working on it), laughs, and runs through the house like a crazy woman.

She talks a TON (much of which we can't understand yet, but she is trying). She says: kitty, animal, doggie, hockey, boom, ball, up & down, uh oh, milk, neigh, shark, beep, and then some. She is very sweet, and loves to cuddle. She adores being kissed a bunch, and detests having her diaper changed. We have to find a wide variety of ways to distract her.

Fiona and Rory have a blast together most of the time, like to chase each other around the house, and giggle like crazy people. It's great!

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