Thursday, June 12, 2008

Caps Bring it Home at NHL Awards Show

Tonight was the NHL's annual award extravaganza in Toronto, and man, did the Washington Capitals rake it in. Not only did Alex Ovechkin win the Hart (league MVP), but he won the Lester B. Pearson (best player in league, as voted by peers). Add those to the two awards he already won - Art Ross (most points in a season) and Maurice Richard (most goals in a season) - and AO becomes the first player ever to win all FOUR in the same season.

And the icing on the cake HAS to be Bruce Boudreau winning the Jack Adams trophy for Coach of the Year. I literally jumped up off the couch and clasped my hand over my mouth as I gasped in excitement. I know this makes me MUCH more of a geek than you could have imagined, but Gabby SO deserved it.

And then I found out that my good friend from Hartwick, Brian L., was THERE! He sent me a picture of himself, taken by his friend who was watching it on TV, on camera behind Boudreau as he was being interviewed. B-Luv was walking down the red carpet, saw the interview being conducted, and shamelessly paused just long enough to get on camera. How awesome! If I had seen that live, I would have freaked Here is a video of the whole thing. B-Luv is the light-haired guy who is staring straight into the camera before the cameraperson changes the angle. Then B-Luv pauses as he walks past... looking into the camera again. Call it his 8 seconds of fame!

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Liz said...

Laura MADE me watch the Caps this year and I have, once again, fallen in love with hockey. I, too, was standing up when Coach got the Jack Adams nod. Very cool. He's in good company and it's well deserved. As for AO - there really aren't any comments or compliments that do him justice. He just ROCKS. I'm not allowed to sleep in my jersey though. Love ya Lula! Aunt Lizzie