Thursday, June 26, 2008

Moving on up!

Thursday was Fiona's last day in the infant room at daycare! She is moving to the Toddler room on Monday. Fiona is currently the only girl in the baby room, which means that the ladies in that room (Khaleda - pronounced "Halda" by Fiona, and Saima - pronounced "Sama" by Fiona) will be in an all-boy zone. Have fun with that!

The women in this room are wonderful with the babies, and they are going to miss Fiona as much as she misses them. That said, the ladies who run the toddler room - Shia and Nureen - adore Fiona, and stole her away from the baby room as often as possible. Both Shia and Nureen also took care of Rory, and Rory still loves them.

My, how time flies!!

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Jeannie said...

hey! what's wrong with all boys?! :)