Sunday, June 15, 2008

Laura's 40th bash!

Many, many thanks to Donna & Kurt, Marta, Christina, and the darling Craig for a fantastic (and delicious!) 40th birthday celebration last night. More picttures to come, but here is a sweet one of Craig and Rory (she was eating her first cake!!). There were even two pinatas loaded with candy and rubber balls, which put the kids in a HOME. As Ben S. said, "Nothing like being surrounded by children with sticks!"

A big shout out to all who came to eat, drink, and be merry: Christina & Rob, Mindy & Mark, the aforementioned Ben, Chris & Jacci, Kirstin and Jack, the Chaklader clan, the Matranga clan, the Rhys-O'Reilly clan, the Rose-George clan, Carol (but no Gaige, who was stuck at the Richmond airport because of foul weather), Marcia & Jim... am I forgetting anyone? I am OLD now... so forgive me, please. =>

And tremendous thanks to Miss Marta for cooking everything - she is fabulous!!

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