Saturday, April 19, 2008

Today was a big day!

For two reasons: it was my final day of work at Sybase 365 (formerly InphoMatch and then Mobile 365), and Rory peed in the potty chair for the FIRST TIME. And today is Alex Salazar's 14th birthday, to boot. And in 1906, the San Francisco earthquake occurred on this date. But let's focus on the two family occurrances, shall we?

Rory peed in her potty chair, and no one was more surprised about it than Rory. We routinely sit there, and I say something inane such as, "Concentrate on peeing" or "think about peeing." Very profound stuff. Then I ask her if she is thinking about it, and she always says yes, but never pees.

Until tonight. Almost as soon as I realized she was actually doing it, I saw (terror?) spread over her face. After all, it must be a totally different sensation to "pee freely," so to speak, than to pee in a diaper.

We convinced her to stay sitting until she was done, and she immediately popped up and started moving away from the potty chair. I rapidly wiped her down, and we immediately started raving. She was very pleased with herself, and has brought it up several times today. She seems very proud.

And today was my final day of work at Sybase 365. I think the other lead story is more exciting. =>

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