Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Craig's tax day drama

From the mouth (aka, keyboard) of the husband:

I got to the Dulles General Mail Facility at 10:45 only to find that it opened at 11:30... I never realized... so I went to Wegman's and got some powdered 'rade (editor's note: Gatorade) and some essence-of-whole-wheat poptarts and sat in the Post Office lot for a while.

As I sat there the lot
slowly filled up so I went in with about 10 minutes to go to be about 7th in line. Everyone had some form of tax thing in their hands.

Some had nice neat sealed envelopes like mine while others had their
forms all over the place, still looking them over (why would you do this at the post office in the middle of the day??? weird). So the doors open and there are 5 people behind the counter, but only one is a regular at that office so she's the only one with a working terminal.

No big deal, they get that straightened out. Everyone in front of me
is sending their forms by certified mail. The guy just ahead of me asks what that will do for him, and the answer was 'someone will have to sign for it and you'll get a receipt and a notice of when they signed for it. That could cause it to be delayed or returned if no one can sign for it within X days (I forget the X).'

By this time I've
already stepped up and gotten the postage label put on it (58 cents) with today's date (which is all you need), and as I turn to leave I see everyone within earshot of me or the other guy moving to put their certified mail forms back on the shelf. Just silliness."

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