Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A great future for the Caps

Because I am so emotionally drained after watching the Caps' OT loss to the Flyers last night, I have latched onto a "forward thinking" mindset to try and get beyond it. The Caps played their hearts out in this series - as well as during the final five months of the season - and they deserved better. Their coach was fired on Thanksgiving Day, and the new guy brought them from the dead-last spot in the NHL all the way to winning the Southeast Division.

The team is young. They are fast. They are united. I have never seen a team like this, so cohesive and focused. Their coach, Bruce Boudreau, has been an amazing force for them, and thanked the players for the best year of his life. What a statement.

The future will be bright for this young team, and being handed their first Stanley Cup playoff loss will only make their hunger more tangible.

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