Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fiona is 14 months old!

And what a fun and wonderful creature she is. She can say many words, including doggie, ball, cactus (Rory taught her that word), mama, dada, kitty, book, and then some. Her stubborn streak is starting to show, and she doesn't seem too willing to put up with any bullying from anyone. If we try to take things from her, she screams at us. We are now beginning to discipline Fiona when she does that to Rory, in particular, because, well, because screaming isn't generally considered nice.

Fiona always has a smile on her face, which means her charming dimples are always in full view. She eats all adult food, typically smaller-cut versions of what Rory eats (turkey burgers, turkey meatballs, hamburgers, chicken, noodles, veggies, fruit, etc.).

Fiona wakes up every day happy, and goes to bed just as happy. We adore her!

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