Thursday, February 19, 2009

One year

One year ago, my stepfather Roger left us. It is kind of amazing to think that an entire year has passed. I am sure my mom and Roger's daughter, Lerryn, would agree. It seems like just yesterday, and at the same time it seems like much longer. It seems this way with everything in life, kind of. 

My mom and Lerryn are scattering Roger's ashes in the Bay area today, one of his favorite areas in the world, and the place he called home for decades. Born in England, Roger moved to the U.S. in high school. What I miss most is his truly marvelous sense of humor, and his big laugh. He loved to laugh, and had a doozie. It filled a room, and I can hear it now. => Roger was a scholar, was always curious about the world around him, loved crossword puzzles, conducted group therapy sessions for people with histories of domestic violence, and would always help anyone in a pinch.

Roger was also a marvelous writer. Not only did he write and publish a book, he was a wonderful email communicator. I saved many of his more amusing emails, and here is an excerpt from one in which he refers to a huge fire that ravaged the Sedona area a few years back:

"Did Mary tell you I dropped a big red rock on my big toe? That was over three weeks ago, just before the Brins Fire.  Then I aggravated it (the toe, not the rock) by helping a friend move lots of boxes from her house when she was forced to evacuate.  Got better, got worse.  Still soaking it and  smothering it with Arnica gel.  Mary drove me to my therapy group last week because I was crawling about the house, unable to walk (like riding a bicycle, it's a skill you don't forget). She has looked after me like a Florence Nightingale, bringing me water to soak my foot, giving me her shoulder to lean on - and her shoulder has been hurting, too. Makes me realize what a treasure I have in her."

I will find a post a few more Roger bits later today. Just know this - we miss him very much!

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Mindy Klasky said...

Thanks for sharing great memories. I can't believe it's been a year already. I want to find the "pause" button on the World Clock....