Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fiona flashback

The weekend Fiona arrived, Valentine's Day of 2007, saw the entire East Coast slathered under a load of snow and ice. For once, D.C. got its fair share, and once Wee Fi arrived, Craig went to work turning our icy backyard into a Fiona-inspired masterpiece. This was a true labor of love for Craig: he used a hack saw to carve the 16" letters in the smooth and icy backyard, and it took several days to complete.

Our former neighbor, triplet mom Jeannie, remembers being on bedrest at home during that time. She and I recently chatted about our kids impending second birthdays, and this is what she had to say about the ice carving: "I still remember hearing the scraping outside when i was on bedrest - it was Craig writing 'Welcome Fiona' in the snow. :) I kept going to the window every couple of minutes when i realized what he was doing, and that the name of your new baby was going to be revealed!"

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