Saturday, February 28, 2009

Farewell to Dozer

This morning, my sister's sweet dog, Dozer, left us. He had been diagnosed with a sarcoma about four weeks ago, and Liz spent these few weeks giving him lots of TLC. After the doctors removed fluid from his pericardium at the time of diagnosis, Dozer was given a temporary lease on life - and had a good, happy four weeks. He was eating, playing, following Liz around the house - you name it. Slower, but otherwise normal.

On Friday night, Liz took Doz for a short walk to visit her neighbor, and he was absolutely exhausted afterwards, and had trouble breathing. He slept for four straight hours in the same spot, which was very unlike him. Liz called her ex-husband, Doug, and they made a plan to take Dozer to the vet first thing Saturday morning to end his suffering. And what timing they had.

On Saturday morning, Liz and Doug got Dozer into the vet's office, told the employees why they were there, and the doctor went off to ready everything. In the meantime, Dozer laid down on the office floor, and Liz sat down and pulled him over to he (he was a wonderful, immobile speedbump throughout his life). He took two breaths, and passed away peacefully.

We are very sad for Liz, but are happy that Dozer left this life as peacefully as he did. He will be very. very missed!

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