Sunday, February 8, 2009

Funny Rory comments as of late

Man, is she turning into quite a little character (as do they all). Following are three recently amusing bits that I want to write down so I don't forget them.

Episode 1: After a particularly sassy morning last week, I was strapping her into her car seat and explained to her why she needed to be less rude/more polite. She had been extremely rude to me and Fiona all morning. So here I am explaining this to her as I lean over her in the back seat, and when I am finished talking she *blows air out of her lips,* in a "yeah, whatever" sort of fashion. If only blogs could accurately capture the noise. In any event, I firmly explained that THAT was the type of thing that was considered rude, and she was not to make that noise again. So off we go to preschool, with her crying until about 2/3 of the way into the trip. When she finally calms down, I quietly explain to her why that noise was rude. And she does it again - loudly. And I yell again - loudly. She beaks into hysterical crying, and says, "I was only getting the air out of my body!!"

Episode 2: She needed to use the bathroom for, shall we say, a lengthier amount of time that usual. She went into the loo on our main level - which she uses all the time - and says to me, "I can't poop in here. It gives me a heart attack!"

Episode 3: We went to a friend's house this past Saturday night, and Rory hadn't napped that day. On the way home, she fell asleep minutes before we got into the driveway (naturally), and I had to wake her up because there is *no way* I can haul 40 pounds up two long flights of stairs... with Fiona tagging along behind me, sobbing (have I mentioned that Craig is out of town?). So we get upstairs and I get Rory ready for bed (she is in a quasi zombie state), and I put her into bed, saying that I need to get Fiona to bed and then I'll come back in and tell her some stories. I tuck her in (hoping she'll pass out, of course), and launch Fiona into la-la-land. I come back into Rory's room, and she is in her bed, crying a little bit. She complains to me that she had been lonely, and I apologized, saying, "It is very hard for Mommy because Daddy is in Massachusetts helping Nana with Granddad. If he was here, one of us could be with you, and one could be with Fiona. But it's just me, which is hard. I am sorry. Can you forgive me?" And she replied, "I forget you." And of course I almost fell out of the bed, it was so cute and funny.

That girl! I can't imagine what's next. =>

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