Saturday, May 10, 2008

Little hands, big trucks!

Last night, we took Rory (who had puked in her father's car earlier in the afternoon) to see some BIG TRUCKS. The Herndon Public Works Department sponsored a week in which kids could climb, drive, and honk the horns of various vehicles. Rory was thrilled. She sat in bulldozers, mini diggers, a giant dump truck, and more. She sat in a dump truck scoop, even. It was amazing, and she could have stayed for hours!

They also had a working street light, upon which you could flip the switch and turn on each color, one by one. I enjoyed that more than anything! Plus, they gave out tattoos and plastic hard hats (we brought one home for Fiona, who loved it!).

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Jeannie said...

I heard about great that it is just right up the street from good 'ol Rock Hill! We WILL be going next year! :)