Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fiona is 15 months old!

A few days late, but just as sweet!

She was freshly bathed and on her way to her 15-month appointment. She weighs 30 pounds even, is 32 inches long, and has a huge head (just like the rest of us!). Growing like a weed!!

Fiona talks up a storm, and says the following: hippo, doggie, mama, papa, daddy, Rory (barely intelligible - not an easy name to say), Digit, kitty, ball, purple, teacher, bubble, SpongeBob (not kidding), apple, and many other words. She has to talk a lot to keep up with the rest of us chatterboxes, I suppose! She eats well, sleeps well, and laughs often. She and Rory fluctuate between playing together, playing separately, and battling for things (luckily, this one doesn't happen so much... yet).

We love Fiona!

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fasteddy77 said...

Okay, So where did she learn to say digit? Digit!? That's crazy! Happy 15 months... Nothing better than a happy (and healthy for that matter) sweetheart!!