Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fiona's first wheels

Today I dug Rory's old red, plastic car out of the depths of the basement. It had been down there so long it needed to be dusted, the filthy thing. Anyway, Fiona lost her MIND for it, and refused to get out. In the first picture here, she is yelling "drive, drive, drive!" at the top of her lungs, which Craig taught her.

Rory tried to gain access to the vehicle and lost (repeatedly). I finally dragged Fiona out of the car so Rory could have a turn, and Fiona screamed and cried the entire time, fighting me as hard as she could and struggling to get out of my arms. I think she likes the car a little bit. Finally, Rory resorted to owning the "outside" of the car, as you can see. =>

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