Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A few funny photos

I am on a downloading spree these days! Here are some recent pictures for amusement purposes (if any is to be found ;->).

Pictures include:

Craig's birthday cake (which Rory helped decorate - "Happy birthday Magaggie!" for all you Simpsons fans out there)

Craig blowing out his candles - what cheeks! And nice candle, eh? I couldn't find the pack I bought for the occasion, so I plucked one out of a Waterford crystal candlestick for the festivities. Nothing but class.

Fiona passed out in her chair after lunch one day (with Nana in the kitchen saying, "So, would be be better for the baby to sleep in her chair or in her bed?" And then I noticed Fiona asleep... hah!).

Both sweet girlies on my lap for a little bedtime reading. I love these moments!! Except when my legs start to fall asleep... kidding!

And finally, Rory at her good friend Jordan's third birthday party this past weekend. Jordan and Craig share a birthday! He was 39 when she was born. Ouch. =>

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Jeannie said...

I want Rory's dress!!!! :)