Monday, April 2, 2007

Visits from Family + Friends

The weekend before Easter, we were lucky enough to have visitors come to meet Fiona. Laura's dad (Gramps), brother (Uncle Pat), and Douglas' wonderful girlfriend, Liz, flew down from Connecticut to spend a brief weekend meeting the latest addition - and to play with Rory, of course. Driving down from Michigan was Laura's college roommate from Hartwick, Laura (Stiefvater) Camarota, her husband, Mike, and their two charming daughters - Sophia (7) and Isabella (3.5).

Laura, Mike, and the girls arrived at lunchtime on Friday, 30 March, and after eating some lunch and waiting for Rory to wake up from naptime, the gang piled into two cars and drove off to see the animals at the Reston Zoo. It was a gorgeous, sunny, Spring day, and the zoo provided the optimal place for the kids to be "free range." We took a wagon ride, during which we were accosted by llamas and a long-horned cow - and I am talking LONG horned. They were enormous, and though she seemed quite gentle and was letting all the kids pet her, one wild swipe and she could have poked a large hole in someone. Luckily, we escaped without damage.

Patrick and company arrived at BWI late Friday night, and Craig drove to our cousin's house - the Carrigan's - in Arlington to steal Pat away and bring him back to our place. Rory loves it when her Uncle Pat comes to visit! She was SO excited to see him the next morning. The Camatoras spent the day in D.C., viewing the perfectly in-peak cherry blossoms (alongside the rest of the people in the world). On Saturday afternoon, the family went to a local farm to see a wide variety of animals - some of which had babies alongside them. There was a Western-style horseshow going on there, too.

One highlight of the trip HAS to be having Gramps sing to Rory, who became a dancing fool and couldn't stop flirting with him. It was fabulous to watch them interact, and I think Gramps has a new best friend. =>

That night, everyone came back to our place for tacos. The Camarotas drove back to Michigan on Sunday morning, after the girls took a dip in their hotel pool. Douglas, Liz, and Pat flew back to Hartford mid-day, after a nice brunch at a local diner. All in all, both visits were way too short. We look forward to seeing everyone again soon!

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