Thursday, April 26, 2007

Rory - 21 months old today!

21 months old already! Where has the time gone? Our precocious little 21-monther (she is now a legal toddler) is full of energy and enthusiasm, and runs everywhere in a flurry.

These days Rory likes to shout, "Wee Fi stop, okay!" if Fiona is crying. She calls Fiona "Wee Fi," and actually yells this whether or not Fiona happens to be crying. Rory always shouts this statement, making for the perfect irony. But toddlers don't comprehend irony, which is why I write this stuff down for later.

Rory's favorite activities are playing outside, assaulting whatever jungle gym/playscape she is on at any given moment, yelling "see see!" whenever either of us in working in the kitchen, and closing herself in and out of rooms (as in the above picture). She loves books and music, and sings all day long. She isn't into TV at this point, but we let her watch sports, SpongeBob, and Catscratch. None keep her attention for long - back to the books she goes.

Some of her words include the following: kitty cat, googly eyes, click, bike, my ______ (fill it in - she thinks everything is hers), Pat (her uncle is so proud), outside, airplane, Digit and Henry (they're proud, too), beep, all major body parts, her teacher's names, neat, and so on. She is quite the chatty thing, and we have fun teaching her new words.

That's all for now!

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