Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Kurt discharged from the hospital

Just a quick aside to note that our good friend, Kurt Baumann, was released from the hospital in Tucson, AZ today. Kurt and Donna were visiting his sister and her new son in Tucson last week when Kurt's appendix decided it was a high time to explode. He had emergency surgery, and spent days and days in the hospital, doped to the gills. Donna reports that he is now requesting a venti, sugar free, 2% vanilla latte from Starbucks, so he MUST be on the road to recovery!

Now we just need to get him back to this coast. This was a harrowing experience for the family, who was simultaneously dealing with the death of their sweet black Newfie, Indiana. Indy was a truly wonderful giant of a dog, and he will be missed.

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