Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter 2007, part 1

As I am writing this, Digit is trying to slap her giant paw onto the keyboard to type. Can you tell both kids are asleep right now? Otherwise, she'd be snoozing behind the couch, out of sight. She's no dummy, this one!

Happy Easter to all! Fiona's first Easter started off with both girls waking up around 7:30 am. Rory woke up singing in her crib, per her usual sunny self, and Fiona was actually woken up by us so we could start the day. She stretched a lot in her crib, and smiled up at me (once a shot her a few silly faces). The girls' Easter baskets were filled with all sorts of fun loot - books, stuffed creatures, a few toys for each, and an old-fashioned, candy-filled egg from See's. Rory doesn't care about candy - and Fiona is on a milk/formula only diet - so the egg's contents will be consumed by Mom and Dad. Nice perk!

The biggest hit in Rory's basket was the Easter-themed Mr. Potato Head. It comes with bunny ears, and everything. Enjoy the pictures of her creation; it is very Frankenstein-esque. FrankenPotato?

This afternoon, we are going to eat Easter dinner with our friends, the Millers - Mike, Ruth, and Amanda. Ruth's mom, Frances, will also be with us. Rory and Fiona both have cute outfits to wear, and I hope to snap a few good photos of them enjoying themselves in their holiday finery.

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jskarka said...

I am so glad I have gotten to see Fiona! What a sweet little girl! Happy Easter!

Jeannie Skarka