Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter 2007, part 2

And now for the Easter follow-up, a few days late. We had a crazy stock-related tax debacle occur on Monday, so my post was delayed. Fret not about the tax issue; our intrepid tax preparer, Ray, figured everything out and we are well on our way to paying our 2006 taxes. Phew! There is almost nothing as valuable as a fearless and tenacious tax man! We bow at the altar of Ray (as do many of our VA-based friends!).

Back to Easter! I dressed Rory in an adorable pink plaid dress I had purchased earlier in the week, and because we had woken her up from her nap to hasten to our destination, she was less than pleased. Let's just say that I have some pictures of her sobbing in her dress, trying to pull it off. Can you tell we typically dress her in jeans and shirts? The poor thing isn't used to looking like a girl; I will have to make more of an effort in that regard this summer!

We spent the afternoon at the Miller's house - Mike, Ruth, and Amanda - and had a fun time and a wonderful meal. Ruth's macaroni and cheese can't be beat (though it can't be good for you!), and the asparagus and ham were a fabulous treat. Rory and Amanda ran around the house for what seemed like hours. Molly, the corgi mix, was very sweet, kissing Rory whenever she was able. She is just the right height to sneak kisses during Rory run-bys. Once Rory got used to her, she was found to be giggling whenever kissed. It was cute.

The we came home and crashed. Thanks for the Millers for a lovely meal and a wonderful holiday.

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