Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rory's 3-year stats

So for weeks, we were SO excited to go see Dr. Powers, who Rory adores. To say Rory was lethargic during her 9/17 appointment would be an understatement, and of course that afternoon her plague hit (followed by my personal version of it). In and amidst all the illness coursing through our house, I neglected to post Rory's official 3-year stats.

Dr. Powers looked at me during the visit and said, "So, I see her head is still ginormous," and we howled. True dat. Both girls (as well as Craig and I) have huge gourds. Melons. Squashes. Whatever word you choose, there you go. Rory is 39.5" tall, which is 95th percentile. She weighs 39 pounds (does that make her a square?), which is also 95th percentile. I don't recall the exact number of cm her head measured out to, but it was 98th percentile.

I sense a hockey goalie future!!

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Kand3Js said...

Hey... we've got the equipment whenever she's ready to give it a go!! ;-P