Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fixing my eyes... finally

Next Friday, 11/7, I am getting Lasik. I can't imagine what "life beyond lenses" will be like, but I am ready to embrace my future existence! If the kids smash into my glasses one more time... it makes me insane, I tell you. The glasses have become quite a hindrance, and contacts make my eyes dry as all get out.

I decided to get Lasik because I signed up to have pre-tax dollars taken out of my paycheck for health care, and I still have $2700 left in my account. This money goes POOF at the end of the year, so I debated whether to get Lasik or buy $2700 worth of infant Tylenol, and Lasik won!

I started wearing glasses in 5th grade. My dad and I were at a Hartford Whalers game, and I leaned over to him and said, "What is that player's name?" because the name on the back of the jersey was blurry. He looked at me (we had good seats, mind you, maybe 14 rows off the ice), and said, "You can't read that?" And it was off to the eye doctor we went.

Anyway, I am very excited and a bit nervous, too. And on 11/14, I will see my first glasses/contacts-free hockey game since 5th grade.

Can't wait!


fasteddy said...

Ohhh!! That's sooo exciting! Sara had it done about 5 years ago! Can't wait until it's my turn!!

Kand3Js said...

Only you would discover you need glasses at a Whalers game!! ;-P

Jeannie said...

yay! i had it done 3 or 4 years ago and it was the greatest thing ever!!!!!

good luck!