Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kiwi weekend wrap-up

I had a wonderful weekend with Kiwi and Augusto. We laughed a lot, got pedicures (in the hood, aka Asbury Park), told outrageous stories (how unlike us), ate (how unlike us), slept in (I slept until after 8:00 both days!), and relaxed.

I also took a chilly walk on the windy Jersey shore (alone), and collected a few small rocks and shells for the girls. I didn't collect anything noteworthy, sad to say. All visible beach detritus was pulverized; I wondered if they had conducted their seasonal rebuild of the beach via dumping "used" sand all over the place. Bits and bits and bits.

Anyway, Kee F'n Wee (pet name) and I decided to make this visit bi-annual, so look for another riveting Jersey Shore post next March or so!

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